Welcome To Maakhan Bhog

MAAKHAN BHOG® ” has thousands of meanings, One of them is ” Food which is offered to the Gods “. In other words, Pure, Fresh and Delicious food.

The product which is got by churning fresh milk is called ” MAAKHAN “.

” BHOG” has got many meanings, chiefly, A gift given to someone respectfully to earn blessings.

” MAAKHAN BHOG ® ” was concieved with the sole aim to provide our esteemed clients, pure, delicious and finest quality Sweets, Namkeens, Snax, Dry Fruits, Bakeries, Sharbats, Mukhwas, Chocolates, Fast foods etc.

Our future plans are to start Hotels, Resorts, Banqutes, Pure.veg restarants, Catering services, and more….